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You can find us at Vilamoura Marina, considered the best international marina by The Yacht Harbor Association. A distinction to an emblematic port of recreation that has kept its cachet over the years.

Existing for 45 years, it remains the southernmost centerpiece of mainland Portugal in the Algarve region. It is where hundreds of boats dock every month, from the most luxurious yacht to the discreet sailboat.

And it is there that you can find us, in this small village full of charm where an ecosystem of 105 shops, bars and restaurants and dozens of hotel and real estate developments have been created around it.

A unique place and recommended to all types of tourists for high references of information as was the case of the famous Revista Norte Americana Forbes, choosing the Algarve as one of the best destinations for foreigners to live or reform after the Covid-19 crisis, the all levels, whether due to their lifestyle, experiences or the entire investment portfolio.
At Vilamoura Marina you will also find tranquility, the sea, the beaches, the affordable cost of living, ease of language, a rich gastronomy and all the desired benefits for a healthy life.
Make your choice your destination and come to know the best and unforgettable experiences by getting to know our company CRUZEIROS DA OURA.