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📍 Where can you find us? 🌍

Onde pode nos encontrar?


Join us at Marina de Vilamoura, Cais Q, office 3, 8125-409. Discover the allure of the best international marina, acclaimed by The Yacht Harbor Association. This iconic port of recreation has retained its charm throughout the years.

For 45 years, Vilamoura Marina has stood as the centerpiece of mainland Portugal’s stunning Algarve region. A bustling hub where boats of all kinds dock monthly, from luxurious yachts to elegant sailboats.

To reach us by car, input “O Cesteiro Restaurant” in your GPS. Next to it, you’ll find stairs that lead to the closest access point to Vilamoura Marina. Simply follow the path straight until you reach office 3.

a store front at day

Experience the magic of this emblematic marina, where seafaring dreams come alive. Join us and embark on unforgettable adventures with Cruzeiros da Oura.⚓️